What is CareLogiQ?

CarelogiQ is a HIPAA compliant disease management platform that enables healthcare teams to collaborate and engage with their patients anytime and anywhere. Our cloud based platform leverages changes in patient’s health via regular assessments and IoT, personal health information, data driven algorithms and collaboration tools to identify and drive timely, appropriate interventions. The net result is, reduced hospitalization, improved quality of care and better patient experience.


Connect and collect healthcare intelligence about each patient, and bring to bear the combined expertise of the entire healthcare team dispersed across multiple organizations.


Improve patient experience and compliance using monitoring, tracking and coaching tools.


Reduce risk with proactive disease management using patient reported assessments, IoT devices and algorithms to identify adverse trends.


Enable patient and caregiver participation in care using CarelogiQ’s secure patient-centric provider networks.

Who we Serve?


Healthcare organizations participating in value-based payment models, will realize financial benefits from improved efficiency and efficacy in healthcare delivery to each patient, by creating patient-provider networks, interwoven with patient, caregiver, and provider facing tools, to enable patient engagement with their healthcare team.


High risk patient groups battling multiple chronic conditions can better manage their health and outcomes by staying connected to all of their healthcare providers via the CarelogiQ platform.


CarelogiQ’s condition-specific algorithms and assessments proactively help high-risk patients, thereby reducing healthcare spend due to hospitalizations and readmissions.

Download Instructions

Download for iOS : Apple iTunes App Store for CarelogiQ.
Download for Android : Google Play Store for CarelogiQ.

Step 1:

Contact your doctor’s office to enroll on the CarelogiQ collaboration platform.

Step 2:

You can then install the CarelogiQ app on your Apple® iOS® or Android mobile device.

Step 3:

To install this free app, go to the Apple Store or the Google Play™ store and search for CarelogiQ.

Step 4:

Lastly, click on the INSTALL button.